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Pure Illusion

Pure Illusion - Michelle Watson Where to begin.... angst, angst,angst and more angst. Add parents who have committed suicide, a brother who commits suicide and a sister left to wonder if she wants to live surrounded by disfunctional people. A guy she grew up with she loved all her life that turned on her in high school for no reason. Who now wants to play with her her but says he just wants to protect her. While throwing other women in her face. Friends she's not sure are friends. Finding someone who really loves her "or is he for real ?" Murderous and cruel parents. Sibling's that aren't siblings.

Rock Chick

Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley Ok.. " MY ONE COMPLAINT"

I have to be honest here. First I want to say I love of KA's stories. They are fun and the hero's are alpha's are sexy. I do however have a problem with they way some of the women are portrayed. It makes me sometimes sit back after reading a sentence and do a huh? In a lot of the books we are talking women in the 30 age group and most talk like age 16. It just makes me wonder when I'm reading why this hunky sexy hero is even interested. It doesn't mean I don't like her. It just seems like Indy needs to find a 18 yr old Rock and Roll boyfriend that says "Way Cool". Even her way of dressing is to to teen oriented.

The story is great. I loved the humor. Indy is funny. Lee is sexy. Ally is the best..best friend in the world. I think it's worth the read. I just wish KA had made Indy maybe 20 or 21 in the story and everything would have fallen into place for me. I don't know if anyone understands what I mean. I have seen this in a lot of these books. Age doesn't seem to match actions. It affects my perception.

Anyway..keep writing KA and I'll keep reading! " Dream Man Series" is still on top of my list as my favorite ever.

Indy gets herself into some trouble trying to help her friend Rosie. A guy who makes coffee for her book store. In comes the brother of her best friend Ally, Lee, who she grew up with. She has loved him forever but has decided she's all done trying to get him to pay attention to her. All of a sudden Lee has other ideas. Lee's doing his best to help Indy find her friend and keep her and his sister out of trouble. He has also decided it's time for him and Indy to be together which Indy isn't going to make easy.


Empathy - Ker Dukey I really liked this book. This story is filled with deception, twists, turns and sideways. Your not sure who or what is going to happen next. The Melody's parents are murdered in the beginning of the book and it tears her apart. She has these new people come into her life.
The Cop: The Asshole... Blake. The Quiet One..Ryan her new best best at school. It held my interest from start to finish. The end of this book left me saying to myself "Oh No!!!!" I would say it's a cliffhanger even though it did clear up the first story and I am looking forward to another book!!!!

Innocence and Corruption - Full Throttle Part One (An Erotic Romance Serial Novel - Erotica for Women)

Innocence and Corruption - Full Throttle Part One (An Erotic Romance Serial Novel - Erotica for Women) - Amanda Thomas It was a short rushed erotica sex story to get your attention. Another one of those series that come in small doses that wind up costing a small fortune for very little. You expect a build from the title and blurb at least the heroine to be a little innocent. She's not.

The Prince of Darkness vs. The Prom Queen

The Prince of Darkness vs. The Prom Queen - Christine   Hart Ok I did something I have never done before. I came back an added a point to a review and am adding to it. I have officially lost my mind. About an hour after I made that bold statement of shutting my kindle I went back to finish it. I HAD TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT DAMN UNICORN!!!!!!!!! This book has a crazy hero. It has his crazy assistant. A wife he says he see's rainbows and sunshine shoot out of every time he looks at her. Trent the movie star "weasel" who wanta to be is his wife's best friend. And it's all about a bunch of whiney insane men. READ it if you have patience and you don't mind banging your head against the wall once in awhile to get things in perspective

1st review!!!!
This book could have been a 5 but the longer I read the more the points dropped.

The Hero: Donovan is very funny at times which is what I did like in parts of the book but... He is suppose to be a Dominant. A man that trains submissive's for other Dom's and seems very quickly to turn into a very neurotic man that obsesses over a stuffed Unicorn. I can see it being a mild joke in the book but this stuffed unicorn is written about so much it's nerve racking to keep reading. He's jealous of it and can't stand it staring at him and thinks it hates him. And this is suppose to be a semi normal person?? When he has a problem with his wife the author has him go over it in his mind page after page.

I don't want to say much more because I am disappointed. I really could have enjoyed this book if it was shortened with less repeats. A lot less craziness over the unicorn "which still makes me a little crazy" Get rid of all the useless overlong explanations an inner dialogue. And most important..the humor that I really started to enjoy from the hero was lost due to him being made seem like he was a weak minded man with one foot away from the looney bin.

I only got to 79% and turned my kindle off. Maybe someday I'll go back to find out the mystery of the missing unicorn

The Seven Devils

The Seven Devils - Sara Danvers This book is listed as a YA Romance but it has a lot of things it addresses. I think an older person would like this book. Bulling, Sex, Young love, Abuse, Neglect, Hate, Anger and Friendship. Finally the concept of physic ability. I really enjoyed this a book about a young girl coming from an abusive home that comes to a new school full of mean spirited kids and meets a boy who everyone else avoids and has bad things to say about. Neil is a loner but the only kind person Ellen has met at her new school. Her brother Austin shuns her and makes fun of her. Her mothers only interest is herself. They have just ran away from the father's abuse and him trying to drown Ellen in a pool. The story of Neil and Ellen is full of surprises and the book does have a little bit of a cliffhanger to go to a second book but does cover the basic story. It is the kind of cliffhanger that gives the characters time to grow and heal. I'm looking forward to the second book.

Prince Hafiz's Only Vice (Royal & Ruthless)

Prince Hafiz's Only Vice (Royal & Ruthless) - Susanna Carr I'm thrilled to say I have finally had a Harlequin book heroine redeem herself. I had become so frustrated with the weak way the women had been written and the just plan harsh mean men I hardly bought them anymore. I started calling the books "Doormats Are Us". I am back in the fold again. I had read reviews calling our hero Hafiz's a liar and others names. Saying he was that way through the book but I didn't see it that way. At the beginning I saw him as heartless and with no understanding for anyone but himself but saw him grow throughout the book.

We have a man who is a Prince and has of an old world country. He has made many mistakes in his life. His parents are hard and unforgiving. After years of trying to redeem himself he meets and falls in love with Lacey. She's a lounge singer in America. A woman his family would not approve. He brings Lacey to his country without telling her there isn't a chance for them ever to marry that she can only be a mistress. He cannot lose his birthright again and his parents arrange a marriage for him. It's a heartbreaking story at times. Lacey is a strong young woman with insecurities from lack of family caring and is doing everything she can to fit in for Hafiz but is starting to wonder why she is being kept in hiding. Then she stumbles onto the heartbreaking secret he has kept from her. Then our story begins. I really liked it.


Bully - Penelope Douglas I wanted to give this more stars but I was so disgusted with the "hero" that he did not redeem himself in anyway for me. I felt like he needed to be dipped in Bleach to be clean in every way. I read this book before "Until You" but forgot to do the review and did the other review first so I am trying to give my honest opinion on just this book.

I realize that he had been through some really bad things but his reasons for turning on the heroine did not make since. I did like the book. It was well written and the side characters were good.

Kings of Asphalt (Motorcycle Club Romance)

Kings of Asphalt - Alexx Andria

This was more of a sex romp then an MC book with a little bit "and I mean a little bit" of biker business thrown in.. We have two leaders of the MC Jax and Hunter. Two alpha badass bikers. Then we meet Zoe a reporter that always gets the crap stories and decides she's going to chase a story no one else is going after about a killing having to do with rival biker clubs. She is a big girl with curves and people are always calling her fat. She hasn't had but one experience with her ex boyfriend. The guys meet her and pretty much insta-lust/love ensues. They have a menage. They tell her to not go after the story because she will get herself killed but she's TSTL. Badass biker guys turn over a new leaf after a life of crime because she is almost killed so they give up their badassness. "Or so they say"The end confuses me because she says how she wants to live and they agree but they remodel their club and bike shop...I don't know I'm confused. All this takes place in a short time and is rushed. Oh yeah and because they have 5 million in hot money she insists it's ok as long as they donate some to a charity having to do with guns since they got it running guns. Oh and she's pregnant and they don't know which is the father. Everyone seems to have forgotten there is a really nasty other biker club they're in a turf war with.

Holding Out

Holding Out - Lila Rose Lots of hot alpha bikers and a sweet hot alpha club President, Talon Marcus. Well I thought he was sweet. He's been waiting and watching for the right time to claim his neighbor Zara, a single mother for two years and finally makes his move. Zara has a secret and is on the run and doesn't want to get involved with anyone. Her only support has been her best friend "hell mouth" Deanna, but Talon isn't about to take no for an answer. Good story, great plot. Looking forward to future books about other club members.

Seduce Me

Seduce Me - Ryan Michele I started out liking this book but got more and more irritated as it continued. I am a woman who has had children and also a miscarriage so I do understand the feelings you can get from these experiences. I wanted everyone to understand that before I go on.

The heroine Casey has been in love with GT most of her life. She sleeping with him just short of 2 weeks and she is on birth control. Within that time she not only has sex with him but finds out she is pregnant and leaves him for cheating. .Casey moves away. "2 weeks"

Now to what irritated me and made me skim this book and draw a sigh of relief when I hit the end,

It's a terrible thing to have a miscarriage at 11 weeks and Casey deserves time to grieve for a baby she had wanted but it's carried to far. It is a constant through the rest of the book.. We have a hard ass biker group that would normally say ok this happened but deal..wouldn't you think?? But they all turn into.... The president of the club makes a toast to his beautiful grandaughter. "dummy it's all in your sons ol'ladies head" Casey decides to pick a sex for her lost baby and a name....then eventually with her and her bikers constant unhappiness they surprise them with a headstone with a the name on it. and dates and 100's of bikers from all over to celebrate their daughters life.She talks constantly about her little Mia. Suppose it had been a Steven. Every one talks about Mia. I'm beginning to think I'm the one missing a few marbles because not one person tells her she needs counseling.

Anyway..whenever I started to get into something I thought was good this topic always seemed to seep into everywhere. I think if it was handled in a less exaggareted manner it would have been better

My Wolf Fighter (Wolf Town Guardians Book 4)

My Wolf Fighter (Wolf Town Guardians Book 4) - Rose Wynters I'm on the fence as to my rating. Some parts were a 5 and others had me wanting to walk away because of the sadness overwhelming me. Sometimes I don't like to much angst in a book. Considering an author's job is to illicit feelings thoughts in it's readers she did that. Some would say this is just a paranormal shifters story but it still had issues that everyday people deal with which are serious and heartbreaking.

Our hero is a Guardian for Wold Town. He protects his people. He's sick of the younger wolves pulling jokes on him and decided to move to the next town. One night he walks into the bar Amanda works and has an instant attraction. She's human and not his mate but he wants her.

Now here is where most of my review will be in spoiler quotations. Amanda works in a bar and has a boyfriend of 6yrs who is very mentally abusive. No friends or family. She's a size twenty and feels like her life will never get any better . Just as Amanda gets the worse news of her life her boyfriends throws her out on the street after work late at night with no where to go and another woman moved into her place. she has terminal cancer and Amanda has to start taking herself back and forth to kemo and continue working barely able to walk let alone move. Ryker finds here and gives her a place to stay but still doesn't know shes sick. He finds out finally and tries to help her with her treatments but she doesn't tell him when all hope is lost. She can't eat and while he's away on pack business she collapses into a coma.

There is a HEA but you don't get to see very much of it. That's why the 3 rating. If I have to go through all the sadness for Amanda, yelling swears at her ex in my head, telling Ryker to smarten up and realize who she is past that smell of kemo before it's to late and mumble my way through the book then I want to see a couple chapters of happy. So my rating is a range of 1,2,3,4,5


Misbehavior - Kathryn Kelly I have been given an ARC for a honest review'

I absolutely loved this book.I love the whole series. I read a lot of MC books but this one gives you the insight you need to understand these totally crazy, messed up, can't help but love and care about people. This is an in depth story. Lots of action,fighting,crying heartbreak,anger,sex, dirty talking and love. You name it.

This particular book goes back into the past to the present to explain some very important things that have screwed up some of our favorite characters that have only been hinted at so far. Brings you to the present to deal with the new threats to the clubs safety. Val and Zoann Donovan's story is hard and emotional. Lets us know how Matthew "Valentine" Taylor came to be a Death Dweller. There's darkness in this story but you have to read it to understand the series. The truth comes out about what happened to Zoann at 17 and shocks Val, Johnnie and her brother Outlaw to the core.
We get to see more of Outlaw and Meggie's story and some heartache for them. Mortician is still fighting Bailey because of the bet. Kendall is still the pain in the azz she was. "I'm still hating on her"

I hate giving spoilers but a few hints to peek your interest ok?? lol Val does something so incredibly stupid Outlaw shoots him in the arm to answer a question that will get him killed but he is saved from Outlaw putting a bullet in his head. We all know what happened to Zoann in the last book. . What do you think she finally tells Outlaw that puts him over the deep end? What did Kendall do that has made Outlaw hate her for life and makes him want to kill her. Does she live through the book?
Several people almost get killed and are critical in this book which ones and does anyone die? I am looking forward to the next book!!


Misdeeds - Kathryn Kelly This is my fourth book of a series that I love. Unfortunately I did not love this book. I have two reasons.

#1 is Kendall Miller our heroine. Let me reword that. Our whinney, complaining ,neverending jealousy, irritating, insecure female lead in this story.. This stuff was so constant I had to ship pages. Plus she is suppose to be a lawyer but makes really stupid decisions!

#2 Kendall meets Johnnie, whom we have met in the previous books and this is their love story "cough, cough" I loved Johnnie in the past three books. Typical hardass alpha biker. Kendall goes through some things that are really bad and wants to help her but she gets my sympathy for about 1 Chapter. This character winds up turning a beloved character into a man that can't seem to see the truth in front of his nose. He turns into a man that puts up with constant crap.

She spends a great deal of this book trying to make Megs, Outlaws wife miserable out of jealousy. They are the main couple in the first two books and by the end of this book I wanted someone to shoot her and put "ME" out of my misery!

Bikers Never Ask

Bikers Never Ask - Tiffany  Madison I'd say don't waste your time but in a way you won't be. The whole story happens within a 24 hour period. I know that with fiction you have to suspend belief to a certain degree but.....

To many things in "24 to maybe 48 hours" to even be believable for anyone.
1. Girl and Guy very religious break up over church not wanting to live together before marriage. "He makes her move out at midnight" huh???
2. She goes home to mom and crashes and decide to go visit her sister in Cali. (1st night) 6 hr drive
3. Gets there visits sister until sister goes to bed so she dresses up and goes out to bar and meets biker.
4. Biker grabs this shy, naive girl who just walks into a strange bar full of bikers and takes off with her and bops her silly" without a condom" and had to ask his name just before lift off and by morning he asks her to help him commit a crime.
5. Very moral girl agrees without much thought to YES I will help this hot stranger I just screwed.
6. She is grabbed and almost raped by another gang leader rescued by her hot gang leader and it's insta love. Guy gives girl necklace members are only suppose to give that one special girl.
7 Oh yeah and during sex this religious girl has suddenly developed the dirty mouth of a harded biker. Now I don't know about you but her sister hasn't seen her since a day and a half ago. He keeps telling her how lucky he is to have found her and her him. "he could be and abuser" She could be a drunk" who knows????

oh well lots of sex as a matter of fact I haven't figured out how they fit in the info with all the sex.



Sadie - E.L. Todd I loved Sadie and Ethan in this story, A bad,bad boy that has played every game and most of the women he knows has finally been turned on his ear when least expected and by a woman that isn't interested.

To make matters worse, he works with her brother Jared on Wall street and he has seen Ethan break every heart and use every method in the book to get what he wants breaking hearts in the process. He has a fit when he finds out he is after his sister. He does have a heart and a few secrets. What will Sadie do when she finds out?

There is more to our Ethan then meets the eye. He isn't going to give up. Ethan has fallen in love. He wants his Sadie and Ethan gets what he wants. I really liked this book.