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Owned By The Alphas: Part Two: A Werewolf/Shifter Paranormal Erotic Romance

Owned By The Alphas: Part Two: A Werewolf/Shifter Paranormal Erotic Romance - Faleena Hopkins Where to begin .......

I'm enjoying the story but coming in small parts is really irritating. Interesting premise. Two Alphas wanting the same human.

Bound By Honor

Bound By Honor - Cora Reilly A young girl is engaged to and married to second in command to the NY mafia. Her father in the Chicago mafia needing to make a truce. She has a hard time accepting her fate. She has to deal with jealousy and other problems from the world they live in and thinks there can never be love in their kind of world. This is Aria's and Luca's story.

I want to give the book 3 1/2 to 4. The story is good. I liked the characters but a couple of things got on my nerves a little. One made me put the book down several times. Our Heroine Arias, who has been raised in a mafia family has been engaged to the future Capo, Luca, of the New York Branch at 15 yrs old to marry him at 18. This to to make an a truce between the Chicago familia and NY. That's ok...but once the marriage takes place this grown man, a killer, a man that takes what he wants and is second in command in the mafia lets an 18 call the shots on when he can have her virginity??? It is also dragged out to long in the story. The build up sex is way to long.. Her sister Gianna is the other thing that suspends belief in this story. Raised is a mafia family and runs her mouth at these NY mafia men without a filter. I mean in a very insulting way. Making rape remarks and killing etc.

The second part of the book kept my attention once things started moving along. I am going to read the next book. I do believe that when you read fiction you always have to suspend belief but it shouldn't be dragged out to long.

Talon's Heart

Talon's Heart - Jordan Silver I think I have finally found my most lovable caveman alpha, possessive, jealous, bossy, take no prisoners, defender of what he loves to the death and totally loyal hero I have read so far.

Our Hero Talon Avery is the football quarterback for his college and loved by all, the girls and his friends alike. His one night only rule with the girls he ever made is never broken. His father , brother and grandfather tried to warn him about the family curse but he laughed it off He never believed that one day he would see one woman and "that bolt" would hit. He laughed it off. His family is also a little off. I a good way . A funny, happy bunch, rich in money but also in heart

Then we have Skye, who just moved to this college to get away from her cheating fiance and cousin. Sweet innocent Skylar is looking for a new start with no man and a chance to start over ...Then one night when looking over the field she met the eyes of the most beautiful msn shes ever seen and notice he's staring back.

A roller coaster ride that is Talon ensues. Beware anyone who hurts whats his because out Talon has a temper and knows how to use it. " No one comes in between whats mine or hurts whats mine" The side characters fit really good into the story.

The Avery women are great in this book because they teach her how to survive living and loving an Avery lol

I received this book free in a free book email and almost passed it by. If you like your Alpha males with all the best traits then your best book boyfriend is waiting in these pages. Great Book!!!!


Romero - Elizabeth Reyes An enjoyable romance about a really possessive, jealous alpha male from the wrong side of the tracks who meets and falls in love with a girl from the right side.

Darkly handsome Romero is raised by his grandma "who is now passed away" and his heavy set Uncles Max and Manny who fart and bletch in restaurants. Discuss stinking up the bathroom and still have sex in the kitchen during the day. He was also brought up swearing like a trucker. His uncles own a topless bar. His friends think they are hilarious. After his father went to jail when he was young they took him in and loved him and were there for him in every way. At one of the pre-wedding get togethers for his friend Angel he meets school teacher, Isabel. "Izzy to him" A man who has never had a relationship. A story of misunderstanding, family disapproval, jealousy and love. I thought it was great.

Right now it's free on Amazon.

First World

First World (Walker Saga #1) - Jaymin Eve I liked this YA book but it left me confused in many areas. Abby just finding her new powers at 18 is she going to be able to assemble the other children born to the half-worlders they need to save the world, I don't want to give spoilers but this is sci-fiction. I have to think on buying my of the seriess.



Misjudged - Kathryn Kelly I didn't realize this was out and am so glad I checked up on the series. It is one of my favorites. This is a novella that takes us back to visit with The Death Dwellers MC.

Even though in the blurb the author says that some people love Kendall and some hate her I would be more then willing to bet it's about 90% hate, which is still where I am at the end of this book.If you have read the previous books you'll understand why I bring this up. Anyhow.... Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell is still as crazy and dangerous as ever but loves his Meggie but is finding out marriage has it's bumps. Meggie stills mourns her lost baby and he still wants to kill Kendall. Through most of this story we again have Kendall being totally nasty to Megan and Megan trying her best to understand and be her friend. We get a big happy surpise at the end of this book but also a few unanswered questions. Outlaw found some tapes in the club that showed some things the cops did when they were raided and he is crazy over it for one thing. Several other cliffhangers.

I am still frustrated by the fact that the way I read this series everyone has tried right from the start to be nice and friendly to Kendall. Something she claims she has always wanted. Except for her trying to get Outlaw the night of his party and Meggie didn't like it. No matter how much Meggie tried Kendall abused her, turned people on her. Did everything to make her life miserable and make her feel like she isn't good enough. The MC in the beginning had reasons not to trust her but when they did I think Johnny tried really hard. He did defend her. I can sit here and remember many conversation where she twisted every nice thing he said.. So her sudden insight when she got back to the club of "Oh people are sticking up for me" to me was to little to late Queen of twist

She needs to do a lot for me to forget the hurt she has caused..Outlaw called her out on what her problem was = when she got upset when he picked her up for Johnnie at the hospital and he had to push her off his lap. He told her " You want my dick "She said yes why not. She was just as good as Meggie.She didn't see why he didn't find her attractive then continued to go off on one of her usual fits. He wants to tell Johnnie but cares for him and doesn't know what to be the one to show what she is really like. Re-edited

Alpha Heat (A BBW Shifter Werewolf MC Romance) (Sons of Thunder MC Book 1)

Alpha Heat (A BBW Shifter Werewolf MC Romance) (Sons of Thunder MC Book 1) - Deva Long It started out interesting then moved really quick and was over before you could blink. I was going to buy book #2 but to be honest I wasn't willing to pay $2.99 for such a short series book. It didn't list number of pages. Good sexy alpha. So enjoyable to read if you like alpha stories.

Renegade Lady

Renegade Lady - Dawn Martens, Emily Minton I read the books back to back so I'm going to try not to mix the reviews to go with my very mixed feelings about these books ..

Jenna's mother dies at 16 and she goes to her father who is a member of a MC club. When she arrives she is held against her will and her father gives her to the the President son , "Timmons" as his Ol'Lady after she has already been raped and beat by him. A member of the head Renegade MC group " Chipper" from another area comes to check on this charter because of things going on there finds Jenna being raped by two men and sees the condition she's in and her young age . He kills one, beats the other and takes Jenna back, and makes her part of his and his Ol'Lady's family.

Things in this book get a little iffy for me in this story because most clubs don't keep secrets from each other. Brothers are suppose to trust each other. I can see Jenna keeping secrets out of fear but the club President not letting Chipper tell the whole story at the meeting about finding Jenna being raped that it was "two men and one was the Presidents son" because both Presidents were friends who started the club. Chipper is the VP but still. One of the MC's strictest rules is "No Touching and or raping women especially Under 18" This bad charter is on drugs, raping, beating and kidnapping minors etc and seems like except in a vague way is never dealt with in the book.. It is really never addressed except in a vague way.

Now we have Kidd who falls for Jenna before she's 18 but does follow the rules. Of course he doesn't realize his feelings fully because shes young and he tries to avoid them. Jenna has been crazy about him at first site. When informed of her feelings and realizing his own she is still not 18 but thinks it's ok to move another woman into his room at the club and throw other women in her face until she's 18 and that will be okdie dokie with her. On her 18th he shows up and claims her, gets a phone call about the girl he used and dumped and takes off. She finds out the girl was in an accident an dies so she goes to find and comfort him and he blames her. Each encounter ends up with him being a jerk so finally Jenna is done.

Now for " 6 YEARS" Yes that's what I said.

She has to make a decision to be an Ol'lady or whore or leave the club " this is how you treat family?" Although they try to make whoring easy on her..nice guys. Anyway by the time Jenna is now known as Ice. She's hard and dangerous. Runs the whores for the club.

You have to read the story for the details in between the things I'm throwing your way. Kidd has been President for most of these 6 years. He has also been madly in love with Jenna/Ice.

Club President/ Strong ..dangerous..killer/watching the women he loves turn into club whore and screwing all his brothers for 6 years/ sorry that part strains my belief system.

I did enjoy the book. I love MC's I am not a fan of cheating so this one isn't one of my favorites but I'm not going to low rate it for that. I loved the side characters. Reese, Timbor, Chipper, Daisy and especially Mindy.

The Scars That Define Us (The Devil's Dust Book 2)

The Scars That Define Us (The Devil's Dust Book 2) - M. N. Forgy I don't know how to really start this review. I am so angry at some of the characters. Even though I am done reading my anger is still there. I am glad I am reading this series but I have to tell you that when Dani was judged and found guilty, treated like shit, to live under threat of possible death and forgotten by people that have promised to love, care and protect her I wanted to scream and cry. I had a real reaction.


At the end of last book you know what happened if you read it Dani's mother had pulled a fast one on the club and now they think Dani was part of it. Shadow who has proclaimed his love and devotion has turned his back on her and some of the club want her killed. Her dad doesn't say much but he doesn't believe she would rat them out. He refuses to let anyone hurt her without proof. She has one friend " Bobby" who stands by her.. He still believes in her. The Old Lady's Babs, Cherry and Vera treat her ok but get her involved in something bad to prove to them she isn't a rat which comes back to haunt them and kills one of them. Plus she has to deal with the MC whore Candy who wants to kill w3hats left of her and Shadow. Dani tries to move on with her life but her mother won't let her. Shadow is crazy and is back to his old ways of booze, drugs and women but when he finds out Dani is dating he loses his mind. To him the MC law says she's his Old Lady until he says she's not. He'll kill anyone who touches her even Bobby his best friend who encourages Dani to move on with her life. Things get really complicated and dangerous. Dani knows from the past book what Shadows dark secret is but she's learning she has her own darkness coming to the surface and she's not going to take it anymore. Can't wait for book #3 Danger coming from many different directions.

What Doesn't Destroy Us (The Devil's Dust Book 1)

What Doesn't Destroy Us (The Devil's Dust Book 1) - M. N. Forgy Now I have two favorite MC series. This first book is full of surprises and does end on a big cliffhanger of a surprise. Who will you trust in the end?

Dani is living a quiet over protected life with her mother. One night her mom comes home and orders her out of bed to pack quickly. They have to leave town in a hurry. Dani and her mom have never been close and she has no idea who her father is but is about to find out. Her mother tells her they are in danger and they have to go to meet her real father for protection. It turns out he is the leader of a MC. Dani is shocked because her mother has always been so opposite from anything from that type of life.

Dani meets Shadow. A totally handsome and scary biker that has a secret that Dani can't ever know. Her dad Bull the President is shocked he has a daughter. Shadow's best friend Bobby who was a great character. Some other biker characters that you need to figure out for yourself. Her mom tries everything to keep her away from her dad but Dani wants to get to know him now. She finally understands why she always felt her mom never loved her. Can't wait to read book #2 so I off to one-click right now.

Ruin: The Waking

Ruin: The Waking - Lucian Bane I did really like this book but it's kind of confusing and leaves a lot of unanswered questions for book#2. I am going to have to read it because this is different and for once I have no clue what is going on. This author really has me going. Alien? Vampire? Angel? Enhanced/human/robot? Someone made to pay for past sins? I don't have a clue.

Isodore inherits family property on a swamp. She decides to live there alone after her ex, Jared, cheats on her and steals her money. One night the ex, Jared shows up at her door with not so good intentions. When she tries to get away from his attack she's sees something or someone like she has never seen before. When Jared caught her trying to get out the window a very big, tattooed man stepped through it. He was covered in them, Even up one half the side of his face. Coal black hair and blue eyes of fire. He scares Jared away and stares at Isodore. Then jumps back out the window.

When he does return he needs her help. He doesn't remember or know anything. Who he is. Where he came from. He only knows he came into being two days before and began watching her to find out what he could. Our hero has no idea what a spoon, chair, or anything is. His mind is a blank slate.

There is humor in this book that made me smile, hot sex. Once Ruin finds out what it is and is used for lol Interesting side characters.

The Viscount's Christmas Temptation: Dukes of War #0.5

The Viscount's Christmas Temptation: Dukes of War #0.5 - Erica Ridley A short but enjoyable story about a managing female named Lady Amelia. She has been running her brothers house for a long time. He's a Duke and she realizes he hasn't married yet out of worry for her because she has ran his home and would lose that to his wife. Lady Amelia realizes this and decides to do something about it. So at 29 yrs old decides to find a husband. When the ball is cancelled where she plans to look over prospects because of a fire she offers our hero Viscount Sheffield her help in finding another way to still have the ball. Our heroine is not about to take no for an answer.

Nice light read before bed.

The Deadly Alpha (A Full Moon Mercy Novel) (shifter / MC romance)

The Deadly Alpha (A Full Moon Mercy Novel) (shifter / MC romance) - Ana W. Fawkes I have finally read the final book of Lucas and Leah's story and really liked it. No cliffhangers. This next book in the series will be starting with another member of the club.

In this book Lucas goes on the hunt for Leah and her kidnappers while trying to fight the traitor within the club. He's sorry he hasn't claimed her yet so is unable to sense where she is and losing his mind. The club is splitting down the middle. There's fighting with other club's. Meanwhile Leah is held captive scared, shackled and scared and wondering if Lucas will find her in time. Lots of action. A very surprising and quick twist ending. Sexy alpha's, violence, sex, werewolves, bikers. Need I say more?

The 4 book series I have read so far is really good!

Logan's Reaper

Logan's Reaper - J.D. Lowrance I liked the book but could have been a little more story and less sex. Even dream sex was extensive. What really confused me and made no sense was the ending. I will have to read book #2 in order to just clear up my dumbfounded confusion. I don't want to give out spoilers so I will try to phrase it in a different way.

The last chapter ended in a very "Oh no" kind of way. With fear of what to do and what's going on? Then the Epilogue picks up a year later happy as can be.

Two sister's Logan and Campbell having to run and hide because of their fathers stealing from bad people. They move into a duplex next to a VP for a MC. Let the games begin.

Variants (Anathergians Book 1)

Variants (Anathergians Book 1) - Michelle C Reilly, Victoria Miller You need to have read the Novella. It's good and has info. This is about aliens from another planet come to earth from a dead planet live and to help mankind.

This is really my second book in this series. The first is a novella. This book starts a little earlier and gives you more history about the Anathergians and the King "Auden" and his lifemate "Leah". This is a series so there is a cliffhanger.

Our king the hero in this book is over 5600 yrs old and is getting to where he needs to find a lifemate before he loses control of his powers. When he does it's not who he thinks it should be so fights it and resents her. Meanwhile there is a traitor and at a loss because they thought they knew all of their kind who came here. The traitor is mixing alien DNA with humans to breed his own army to take over to be King. Only 50% of the humans live. Others are driven crazy. Really good series. Sexy alpha males, sex, violence, witches.

Nico: The Rogue Warrior

Nico: The Rogue Warrior - Michelle C. Reilly This is a short novella that starts the series. It was pretty good. About a race of warriors from another world that have been here for thousands of years to protect humans. There King's lifemate is missing and they have to find her too. Meanwhile they have to solve a kidnapping by the mafia before the woman gets killed. Good start to a series