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Highland Barbarian (Harlequin Historical, No 41)

Highland Barbarian (Harlequin Historical, No 41) -  Ruth Ryan Langan I love my sexy highlanders and when they come with a great love story and bad guys to fight it's all the better.
Lady Meredith McAlphin is now head of her Clan because her father has been murdered. The English have been raiding their borders for years but their neighbor Garth MacKenzie insists its another highlander who wants her land, Brice Campbell known as the Highland Barbarian. Rumors say he murders and takes what he wants and has no compassion. Garth MacKenzie tells Meredith the only way to protect her Clan and her younger sisters is to have a man to protect it so she should marry into his. In order to do that she agrees to marry his brother.

On the day of her wedding, Brice Campbell , the Highland Barbarian, and his men as vengeance for the Garth MacKenzie ruining his name by making up all the untrue stories about him and his clan go to the wedding to kill Garth to settle the debt. Not realizing but killing his brother instead and wind up kidnapping Meredith.

This is a great story of the building of trust, respect and love between two very different people and finding out some truths that it will be very hard to face.