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Pulse - Part Three (The Pulse Series Book 3)

Pulse - Part Three (The Pulse Series Book 3) - Deborah Bladon First off to explain a 3 rating instead of 4 is because I really hate these small serial books doled out in little pieces. So to be honest I read the blurbs of Bk#1 and B#2 and read this one.

Ok ....now down to the story. It did catch my interest. I think Nathan is an A#1 asshole. He is a guy that has an answer for everything. I didn't buy a word out of his mouth. I kept wanting to yell at Jessica to dip him in antisceptic. A ten foot pole wouldn't have been enough to keep this player away. A truly hateful person. I have to say though that the last paragraph of the book came out of left field and totally took me by surprise. I will be buying book #4. I have to see what Jessica does. I hope this woman has some self esteem.