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Taming My Prince Charming

Taming My Prince Charming - J. S. Cooper I'm really disappointed in this heroine. I usually love J. S. Cooper's books but Lola has 100% descended into Harlequin hell. I had hope for this moral young college student who seems smart. I knew she was going to be taken with a smooth handsome alpha like Xavier but to allow him to so easily drag her into what he did left me with my mouth hanging open. I was wondering if with all his money he cloned her and locked the nice girl in his dungeon.

He does nothing but insult her, prostitute names, golddigger, etc. Then she still drops her panties on a dime. At this point the story means nothing to me because with his existing attitude this quick change of his is not going to stick with the cliffhanger hanging we are left with. Xavier has his issues but he is the worst kind of person. Uses people for his own ends. He sets Lola up over and over again. He puts her in positions that harm her personally and her reputation just for his own pleasure and amusement. So far in two books I can't find any redeeming qualities about Xavier. I am fast losing any sympathy for Lola. I can see going along with Xavier the first time but going back the second time when she knew what was going on???? You know the saying? You make your own bed.