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Finding My Prince Charming

Finding My Prince Charming - J. S. Cooper I gave this book a 3 because right off it gave me what I dislike most in a book:

A heroine who drops her panties for a mean nasty azz the minute he breathes on her.
As far a a fantasy story goes I liked it and am going to start reading book #2 as soon as I'm done with this review in hopes that our Lola will get a spine and do something. I know she seems spunky and stands up to Xavier but that's just with words. I want to see her use actions to call him on his crap.

Lola and her friend Anna go to college in London. Americans and first time travelers they are both excited to spread their wings and meet new people and some nice English guys. One night in a museum Lola sees this really handsome guy who she flirts with and she can't believe someone like him is exactly flirting back with her. Anna her friend is kind of manic when it comes to meeting and falling for guys fast and hard. The two combinations lead to some uncomfortable misunderstandings. Will any of this lead Lola to finding her Price Charming or the biggest mistake of her life?