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Point of Return (The Nordic Lords)

Point of Return (The Nordic Lords) - Stacey Lynn I'm hooked. I liked this book a lot. My one complaint was about Liv. I understand everything she went through was awful but blaming it on Daemon. Her one complaint about him was not holding her hand in the hospital. I was kind of on his side why he couldn't be there. It took her 80% of the book to get her stuff together over what I thought was a non issue.

I enjoyed the story and the twist surprised me. Liv did stop her whining in the end and proved strong and I liked her. Daemon was a great and patient alpha hero. I loved the side characters and hope they have books. Jaden, Finn etc,.

I'm looking forward to following this MC series. Even though you could read this as a stand alone because it did leave you with an HEA, the club was heading out on some more problems started in this book. So it does pick up where it left off.