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Bikers Never Ask

Bikers Never Ask - Tiffany  Madison I'd say don't waste your time but in a way you won't be. The whole story happens within a 24 hour period. I know that with fiction you have to suspend belief to a certain degree but.....

To many things in "24 to maybe 48 hours" to even be believable for anyone.
1. Girl and Guy very religious break up over church not wanting to live together before marriage. "He makes her move out at midnight" huh???
2. She goes home to mom and crashes and decide to go visit her sister in Cali. (1st night) 6 hr drive
3. Gets there visits sister until sister goes to bed so she dresses up and goes out to bar and meets biker.
4. Biker grabs this shy, naive girl who just walks into a strange bar full of bikers and takes off with her and bops her silly" without a condom" and had to ask his name just before lift off and by morning he asks her to help him commit a crime.
5. Very moral girl agrees without much thought to YES I will help this hot stranger I just screwed.
6. She is grabbed and almost raped by another gang leader rescued by her hot gang leader and it's insta love. Guy gives girl necklace members are only suppose to give that one special girl.
7 Oh yeah and during sex this religious girl has suddenly developed the dirty mouth of a harded biker. Now I don't know about you but her sister hasn't seen her since a day and a half ago. He keeps telling her how lucky he is to have found her and her him. "he could be and abuser" She could be a drunk" who knows????

oh well lots of sex as a matter of fact I haven't figured out how they fit in the info with all the sex.