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Misdeeds - Kathryn Kelly This is my fourth book of a series that I love. Unfortunately I did not love this book. I have two reasons.

#1 is Kendall Miller our heroine. Let me reword that. Our whinney, complaining ,neverending jealousy, irritating, insecure female lead in this story.. This stuff was so constant I had to ship pages. Plus she is suppose to be a lawyer but makes really stupid decisions!

#2 Kendall meets Johnnie, whom we have met in the previous books and this is their love story "cough, cough" I loved Johnnie in the past three books. Typical hardass alpha biker. Kendall goes through some things that are really bad and wants to help her but she gets my sympathy for about 1 Chapter. This character winds up turning a beloved character into a man that can't seem to see the truth in front of his nose. He turns into a man that puts up with constant crap.

She spends a great deal of this book trying to make Megs, Outlaws wife miserable out of jealousy. They are the main couple in the first two books and by the end of this book I wanted someone to shoot her and put "ME" out of my misery!