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My Wolf Fighter (Wolf Town Guardians Book 4)

My Wolf Fighter (Wolf Town Guardians Book 4) - Rose Wynters I'm on the fence as to my rating. Some parts were a 5 and others had me wanting to walk away because of the sadness overwhelming me. Sometimes I don't like to much angst in a book. Considering an author's job is to illicit feelings thoughts in it's readers she did that. Some would say this is just a paranormal shifters story but it still had issues that everyday people deal with which are serious and heartbreaking.

Our hero is a Guardian for Wold Town. He protects his people. He's sick of the younger wolves pulling jokes on him and decided to move to the next town. One night he walks into the bar Amanda works and has an instant attraction. She's human and not his mate but he wants her.

Now here is where most of my review will be in spoiler quotations. Amanda works in a bar and has a boyfriend of 6yrs who is very mentally abusive. No friends or family. She's a size twenty and feels like her life will never get any better . Just as Amanda gets the worse news of her life her boyfriends throws her out on the street after work late at night with no where to go and another woman moved into her place. she has terminal cancer and Amanda has to start taking herself back and forth to kemo and continue working barely able to walk let alone move. Ryker finds here and gives her a place to stay but still doesn't know shes sick. He finds out finally and tries to help her with her treatments but she doesn't tell him when all hope is lost. She can't eat and while he's away on pack business she collapses into a coma.

There is a HEA but you don't get to see very much of it. That's why the 3 rating. If I have to go through all the sadness for Amanda, yelling swears at her ex in my head, telling Ryker to smarten up and realize who she is past that smell of kemo before it's to late and mumble my way through the book then I want to see a couple chapters of happy. So my rating is a range of 1,2,3,4,5