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Kings of Asphalt (Motorcycle Club Romance)

Kings of Asphalt - Alexx Andria

This was more of a sex romp then an MC book with a little bit "and I mean a little bit" of biker business thrown in.. We have two leaders of the MC Jax and Hunter. Two alpha badass bikers. Then we meet Zoe a reporter that always gets the crap stories and decides she's going to chase a story no one else is going after about a killing having to do with rival biker clubs. She is a big girl with curves and people are always calling her fat. She hasn't had but one experience with her ex boyfriend. The guys meet her and pretty much insta-lust/love ensues. They have a menage. They tell her to not go after the story because she will get herself killed but she's TSTL. Badass biker guys turn over a new leaf after a life of crime because she is almost killed so they give up their badassness. "Or so they say"The end confuses me because she says how she wants to live and they agree but they remodel their club and bike shop...I don't know I'm confused. All this takes place in a short time and is rushed. Oh yeah and because they have 5 million in hot money she insists it's ok as long as they donate some to a charity having to do with guns since they got it running guns. Oh and she's pregnant and they don't know which is the father. Everyone seems to have forgotten there is a really nasty other biker club they're in a turf war with.