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Prince Hafiz's Only Vice (Royal & Ruthless)

Prince Hafiz's Only Vice (Royal & Ruthless) - Susanna Carr I'm thrilled to say I have finally had a Harlequin book heroine redeem herself. I had become so frustrated with the weak way the women had been written and the just plan harsh mean men I hardly bought them anymore. I started calling the books "Doormats Are Us". I am back in the fold again. I had read reviews calling our hero Hafiz's a liar and others names. Saying he was that way through the book but I didn't see it that way. At the beginning I saw him as heartless and with no understanding for anyone but himself but saw him grow throughout the book.

We have a man who is a Prince and has of an old world country. He has made many mistakes in his life. His parents are hard and unforgiving. After years of trying to redeem himself he meets and falls in love with Lacey. She's a lounge singer in America. A woman his family would not approve. He brings Lacey to his country without telling her there isn't a chance for them ever to marry that she can only be a mistress. He cannot lose his birthright again and his parents arrange a marriage for him. It's a heartbreaking story at times. Lacey is a strong young woman with insecurities from lack of family caring and is doing everything she can to fit in for Hafiz but is starting to wonder why she is being kept in hiding. Then she stumbles onto the heartbreaking secret he has kept from her. Then our story begins. I really liked it.