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The Prince of Darkness vs. The Prom Queen

The Prince of Darkness vs. The Prom Queen - Christine   Hart Ok I did something I have never done before. I came back an added a point to a review and am adding to it. I have officially lost my mind. About an hour after I made that bold statement of shutting my kindle I went back to finish it. I HAD TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT DAMN UNICORN!!!!!!!!! This book has a crazy hero. It has his crazy assistant. A wife he says he see's rainbows and sunshine shoot out of every time he looks at her. Trent the movie star "weasel" who wanta to be is his wife's best friend. And it's all about a bunch of whiney insane men. READ it if you have patience and you don't mind banging your head against the wall once in awhile to get things in perspective

1st review!!!!
This book could have been a 5 but the longer I read the more the points dropped.

The Hero: Donovan is very funny at times which is what I did like in parts of the book but... He is suppose to be a Dominant. A man that trains submissive's for other Dom's and seems very quickly to turn into a very neurotic man that obsesses over a stuffed Unicorn. I can see it being a mild joke in the book but this stuffed unicorn is written about so much it's nerve racking to keep reading. He's jealous of it and can't stand it staring at him and thinks it hates him. And this is suppose to be a semi normal person?? When he has a problem with his wife the author has him go over it in his mind page after page.

I don't want to say much more because I am disappointed. I really could have enjoyed this book if it was shortened with less repeats. A lot less craziness over the unicorn "which still makes me a little crazy" Get rid of all the useless overlong explanations an inner dialogue. And most important..the humor that I really started to enjoy from the hero was lost due to him being made seem like he was a weak minded man with one foot away from the looney bin.

I only got to 79% and turned my kindle off. Maybe someday I'll go back to find out the mystery of the missing unicorn