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Variants (Anathergians Book 1)

Variants (Anathergians Book 1) - Michelle C Reilly, Victoria Miller You need to have read the Novella. It's good and has info. This is about aliens from another planet come to earth from a dead planet live and to help mankind.

This is really my second book in this series. The first is a novella. This book starts a little earlier and gives you more history about the Anathergians and the King "Auden" and his lifemate "Leah". This is a series so there is a cliffhanger.

Our king the hero in this book is over 5600 yrs old and is getting to where he needs to find a lifemate before he loses control of his powers. When he does it's not who he thinks it should be so fights it and resents her. Meanwhile there is a traitor and at a loss because they thought they knew all of their kind who came here. The traitor is mixing alien DNA with humans to breed his own army to take over to be King. Only 50% of the humans live. Others are driven crazy. Really good series. Sexy alpha males, sex, violence, witches.