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Ruin: The Waking

Ruin: The Waking - Lucian Bane I did really like this book but it's kind of confusing and leaves a lot of unanswered questions for book#2. I am going to have to read it because this is different and for once I have no clue what is going on. This author really has me going. Alien? Vampire? Angel? Enhanced/human/robot? Someone made to pay for past sins? I don't have a clue.

Isodore inherits family property on a swamp. She decides to live there alone after her ex, Jared, cheats on her and steals her money. One night the ex, Jared shows up at her door with not so good intentions. When she tries to get away from his attack she's sees something or someone like she has never seen before. When Jared caught her trying to get out the window a very big, tattooed man stepped through it. He was covered in them, Even up one half the side of his face. Coal black hair and blue eyes of fire. He scares Jared away and stares at Isodore. Then jumps back out the window.

When he does return he needs her help. He doesn't remember or know anything. Who he is. Where he came from. He only knows he came into being two days before and began watching her to find out what he could. Our hero has no idea what a spoon, chair, or anything is. His mind is a blank slate.

There is humor in this book that made me smile, hot sex. Once Ruin finds out what it is and is used for lol Interesting side characters.