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Misjudged - Kathryn Kelly I didn't realize this was out and am so glad I checked up on the series. It is one of my favorites. This is a novella that takes us back to visit with The Death Dwellers MC.

Even though in the blurb the author says that some people love Kendall and some hate her I would be more then willing to bet it's about 90% hate, which is still where I am at the end of this book.If you have read the previous books you'll understand why I bring this up. Anyhow.... Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell is still as crazy and dangerous as ever but loves his Meggie but is finding out marriage has it's bumps. Meggie stills mourns her lost baby and he still wants to kill Kendall. Through most of this story we again have Kendall being totally nasty to Megan and Megan trying her best to understand and be her friend. We get a big happy surpise at the end of this book but also a few unanswered questions. Outlaw found some tapes in the club that showed some things the cops did when they were raided and he is crazy over it for one thing. Several other cliffhangers.

I am still frustrated by the fact that the way I read this series everyone has tried right from the start to be nice and friendly to Kendall. Something she claims she has always wanted. Except for her trying to get Outlaw the night of his party and Meggie didn't like it. No matter how much Meggie tried Kendall abused her, turned people on her. Did everything to make her life miserable and make her feel like she isn't good enough. The MC in the beginning had reasons not to trust her but when they did I think Johnny tried really hard. He did defend her. I can sit here and remember many conversation where she twisted every nice thing he said.. So her sudden insight when she got back to the club of "Oh people are sticking up for me" to me was to little to late Queen of twist

She needs to do a lot for me to forget the hurt she has caused..Outlaw called her out on what her problem was = when she got upset when he picked her up for Johnnie at the hospital and he had to push her off his lap. He told her " You want my dick "She said yes why not. She was just as good as Meggie.She didn't see why he didn't find her attractive then continued to go off on one of her usual fits. He wants to tell Johnnie but cares for him and doesn't know what to be the one to show what she is really like. Re-edited