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Talon's Heart

Talon's Heart - Jordan Silver I think I have finally found my most lovable caveman alpha, possessive, jealous, bossy, take no prisoners, defender of what he loves to the death and totally loyal hero I have read so far.

Our Hero Talon Avery is the football quarterback for his college and loved by all, the girls and his friends alike. His one night only rule with the girls he ever made is never broken. His father , brother and grandfather tried to warn him about the family curse but he laughed it off He never believed that one day he would see one woman and "that bolt" would hit. He laughed it off. His family is also a little off. I a good way . A funny, happy bunch, rich in money but also in heart

Then we have Skye, who just moved to this college to get away from her cheating fiance and cousin. Sweet innocent Skylar is looking for a new start with no man and a chance to start over ...Then one night when looking over the field she met the eyes of the most beautiful msn shes ever seen and notice he's staring back.

A roller coaster ride that is Talon ensues. Beware anyone who hurts whats his because out Talon has a temper and knows how to use it. " No one comes in between whats mine or hurts whats mine" The side characters fit really good into the story.

The Avery women are great in this book because they teach her how to survive living and loving an Avery lol

I received this book free in a free book email and almost passed it by. If you like your Alpha males with all the best traits then your best book boyfriend is waiting in these pages. Great Book!!!!