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Ignite: A Devil Chaser's MC Romance

Ignite: A Devil Chaser's MC Romance - L. Wilder I really liked this MC book. I thought it was a true romance. It was nice to see that once in awhile in a biker book. Lily has to leave her town quickly. Her mother packs her up with her baby nephew JW and sends her across country to keep him away from his dangerous father in another MC after the mother dies from drugs.

When Lily gets help from her cousin Tess who is a school teacher and o'lady to Bishop the President of The Devil's Chaser's MC things look like they might work out. She meets Goliath the VP of the club and knows from the start he wants Lily and falls in love with little JW too. What also makes it good is the other side stories involved and the secrets that come out that break Lily and Goliath's heart. Great read