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Misguided (A Death Dwellers MC Novel)

Misguided (A Death Dwellers MC Novel) - Kathryn Kelly, Crystal Cuffley I am loving this whole series. They always take you back into each lead character for that books background and to where their relationships, friendships and how they became MC members. Up to present. It is sometimes done in flashbacks. but Ms. Kelly does it well.

This is Morticians book. Mort and Bailey have a hard time with their relationship because he pushes her away all the time. She's having his baby. Plus he entered a bet with his MC brothers about falling in love with young pu**y. Mort's pride won't let him lose. So he has a thing with Bailey but he keeps it a secret and doesn't treat her very well. Bailey goes through a lot in this book and comes very close to dying. Old enemies thought long dead surface.

This is my favorite MC series. Enjoy!!!!!