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Stepbrother Billionaire

Stepbrother Billionaire - Colleen Masters

Let me get the frustrating part out of the way first.
Emerson and Abby are our main characters and I loved them both. I felt what came between them was so totally stupid every time it came up I wanted to throw my Kindle. If they had been brought up since young children as brother and sister I could see the taboo but it's just ridiculous in this case. Firstly they had just met senior year in high school and had only shared a house for a couple weeks. Their parents were married one day and it was annulled. I have seen many shows were kids get married and their parents meet and marry. Besides they have no blood connection. To me it doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it. For people to call it incest is ignorant.

Ok enough of that. Now I can get to the good stuff. When our couple meet he acts like he can't stand her. She's been crushing on him awhile. Their parents planning a wedding gets to be a complication once they figure out their feelings.
" again the stupid stepstupidity " Things go wrong for all involved and hearts get broken. You get your HEA but some tuff times are in the way. With old money snotty grandparents, alcoholic father,a drug addicted mother Emerson and Abby have a lot to deal with. I really enjoyed this book.