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The Hostage Sister (Hellriders, #2)

The Hostage Sister  (Hellriders, #2) - Amy Law Well if you followed me from my book one review here I go. This is about Jesska's sister Tiffany. No we do not find out anymore about the first book. Still left hanging.


Where to begin... Tiffany is kidnapped by at least 3 very rough men. She is taken to a house to be held until her dad a judge gives them what they want. Most of this is about one raping her pretty brutally and one she gives it freely and them arguing because the rapist wants to kill her and the other still there wants to let her live. She's been plotting to screw all of them in hopes one will protect her. Come to find out Cracker a knows all about this going on and doing it behind Tiffany's sisters back.

Again a short and no real detail story. The only thing I left out really is the reason they kidnapped her. We have the ending with her begging the MC biker to take her with him and she still doesn't know his name.