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Duke of Darkness

Duke of Darkness - Anabelle Bryant Ok the thing I thought didn't make sense first: A Duke is second to a King or Queen. Their power is huge. The way society treated him was just plain not going to happen in that period in history. Quietly behind his back but not openly at a party or ball. Certainly people wouldn't be gossiping to his ward. Societies Mama's would have been lining up in droves to have their daughters marry Duke even if for his wealth alone. Lots of young nobleman had wild ways and seduced women. He was being judged for his parents?????

Ok to the book. I liked it. I felt so bad for Devin when I heard his reason for why he acted as he did. I was so glad Alexandra came into his life and wouldn't take no for and answer and stood by his side. He had a great best friend and Alex found a great friend in his friends sister. The other side characters where great, Even the pets had great parts in this book.

He tried to marry her off to get rid of her but his heart wouldn't let him.