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Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance

Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance - Lucinda Brant

I really enjoyed this read. It has a lot of twists and surprises that show things aren't always what it seems. Julian Hesham the Marquis of Alston the heir of his father the Duke is fifteen when we meet him and he is out of hand and his father wants to send him on tour but is afraid he'll do something stupid just to make him angry like marry someone unsuitable, He decides to marry him off to a respectable girl of his class before he goes and picks twelve year old Deborah. Since she has been plied with a sleeping drug before the marriage she has no memory of it after it takes place. Young Julian is rushed abroad and Deborah goes on to grow up none the wiser....until Julian comes back to London with a bad reputation and a bride that doesn't know him and thinks he's a rake. He tries to win her by not telling her who he is. The story goes off into many directions and there are a lot of good side characters.