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My Lord Vampire

My Lord Vampire - Alexandra Ivy, Debbie Raleigh This is the first of a trilogy. Of course if it's by Ms. Ivy I have to read it. I wasn't disappointed. Gideon Ravel who hasn't been among humans for many centuries is sent to protect Simone, Lady Gilbert. He and two of his brethren have been charged to make sure powerful Vampire traitors from beyond the veil do't get position of an ancient amulet.

Nefri the Queen of the Vampire's had separated it into three pieces and had put them around three maidens necks. They couldn't be taken from the maidens they could only be given willingly. Ancient vampires have many tricks and Lady Simone will die if Gideon can't get her trust.
Lady Simone is a beautiful woman with secrets of her own and doesn't trust easily especially the beautiful stranger that just appeared into her life.