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Moon Craving

Moon Craving - Lucy Monroe I don't remember the exact date I got this book but I do know I have read it several times. The hero is sexy, dangerous and no one messes with Laird Sinclair, Chief of the Clan of Ancient werewolf Cretch warriors. It is a well kept secret.

When the King of England and the Scottish King make a deal to keep peace which makes Talroc Sinclair very angry. He avoided this once before by not marrying the sister of the girl he is to marry now. Abigail Talroc is already on the edge as he knows he can never have children with her because being a werewolf he can only have them with his one true mate. Because of a betrayal in the past he also hates the English passionately.

Abigail is afraid the Laird will find out her secret and get rid of her and then her life will be over. In those days a person , especially a woman that can't hear isn't worth anything. Talroc' and Abigail's story to HEA is a beautiful love story and to help you out..our hero has black long hair and blue eyes.

Lots of interesting side characters. You get to met Abigail's sisterand her husband Laird Balmoral again from the first book. Enjoy!