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The Devil's Love

The Devil's Love - Julia London Abigial Carrinton,coming from America to meet her betrothed and get married after many years is very excited. She knew him as a child traveling on her fathers ship where Michael was part of his crew. He was older and eventually she was sent away to schools. Her Papa informed her later about the betrothal and made sure he passed Michaels Birthdays presents and letters over the next years while they where to sea.
Abigail arrives in England and no one meets her so she takes a crowed coach and has to stop at a low class sort of Inn. She is eventually is met by Lord Sam a friend of Michaels to bring to his estate. Abigail doesn't understand why Michael has showed to picked her up at the ship or inn. Sam is shocked because here is this young woman with grace, beauty and manners and was expecting some horrid monster from Michaels description. Because while Michael did sign papers to marry her in order to borrow money to get out of debt he thought he would be out by now and wants no part of her.

Poor innocent Abigail will lose her whole inheritance if she doesn't marry Michael but more important the minute she walks in that door she is cruelly going to find out the lies her father told her of the love Michael has held for her are not true and all her dreams shattered.

There are many times in this book you'll want to strangle Michael, The Marquis of Darfield but you will see he has a little baggage he is carrying from his past too. I really liked this story. Abigail's visiting family from America was worth meeting. I loved the way the book ended.