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Noble Intentions

Noble Intentions - Katie MacAlister This book is a little over the top but is funny. No one can be as accident prone and naive as our heroine, Gillian and still live or want some one to strangle her. We have to remember however that this is fiction so sit back and have a laugh.

Noble Britton is a Peer of the Realm, His Lordship has a reputation for killing his first wife and a bad disposition. He believes the are rules to follow to run a easy life. After all the hell he has gone through because of the murder and hell his first wife put him through he is going to pick a docile woman who will stay in the country where he puts her have his children and follow his rules.

Into his life comes Gillian. Born in England but raised in America. He sees her at a ball. He sees her as pleasant looking but not for him after dancing with her. Gillian has the tendency to tear her clothes, trip over her feet, has dirt on her gloves and catches her hostess curtains on fire. Miss Gillian can't get out of her own way.
He decides to call on her but does not intend two propose. He does however wind up with our heroine.

Blackened eyes, broken nose, banged head and being found tied to his ex mistresses bed naked by his now wife Gillian is only part of what our hero has to deal with. Especially after he thought he left her in the country. " where she has been put" Since his new bride has only seen Noble enlarged on the wedding night seeing him laying there tied up and limp she is all worried for him as she thinks his member has been "broken" It is a comical book. lol