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Castles/The Lion's Lady

Castles/The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood This was one of the most humorous books I have read. It has a serious background plot but Princess Christina is one of a kind. Being raised by the Dakota Indians she has a rather different way of looking at things and expressing herself. Before coming to England she is trained in the way of the English before being returned to her family but you can't take all of her Indian family out of her.

Princess Christina meets Lyon, The Marquis of Lyonwood at a ball an right away there is an attraction. He is a cynical man. She is surprised to meet someone named lion as in her grandfathers prophesy. He is to be avoided. Lyon tries to find out where this beautiful woman appeared from out of no where and gets one word answers then fobs him off and no one fobs of the Marquis. We have a scheming aunt trying to get her inheritance her grandfather left her.

The mating dance between these two in so much fun because he has no clue what she's talking about half the time. She forgets to wear shoes. She kisses him back so well he thinks she is not a virgin. She calls carriages and houses boxes and when some rule for society is explained she thinks it is a law.

Lyon' younger brother died. He was not a very nice person. That's all I'll say but his mother will not stop grieving. She ignores her older, better son. She refuses to get out of bed and talks non stop of the brother and how she wants to die.. Christina decides to give her a wake up call. She goes to her house, drags her out of bed and into a carriage all the while Lyon's sister is hysterical yelling at Christina to leave her mother alone. Lyons best friend is telling her to let Christina handle it. She tells his mother where she is from that when old people want to die they find a place in the woods throw down some things sit there and wait to die and she is going to take her in the woods to find a place. Well you can imagine an old dowager's attitude at that lol When Lyon finds this out he laughs because he knows Christine would never harm his mother.

Great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!