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Dark Prince

Dark Prince - Christine Feehan I don't know where to start other then to say "You have to read this series"!!!!!! This is the first book and my favorite. Mikhail is the King of sexy let alone of the Carpathians.

Mikhail is at the point where he has lost hope for himself and his people. The man can't find mates to turn them from the violence that will spread without them. Their woman can't seem to bear female children.
Carpathians are immortal and live on blood. They lose the sight of color and see only black and white and shades of grey and lose feelings after a couple hundred years if they don't find their soul mates. The violence in them will make them kill when they take blood and when they do they lose their soul and become Vampire. The Carpathian have been hanging on for centuries fighting their own family and friends who have lost the fight and turned to Vampire and after almost 1000 yrs he feels all hope is lost until..... he hears a human female voice in his head telling him not to despair. How can this be? Humans can't talk this way like us. He is about to find out he is going to meet his life mate Raven and there is hope for his people.
There are so many wonderful characters in the books. Alpha males who when they find their mates do not take no for an answer. Protective, Possessive and more sexy then..well read them and see!

It's a wonderful book and series. Do yourself a favor and read it all!!!!!