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Wild Man

Wild Man - Kristen Ashley

I have never met an Alpha male like Brock. I'm not even sure how to discribe him without dripping spoilers all over the paper and down my chin. I kid you not. What can I say. I am in love. lol He is a "little" High handed and doesn't know what "no " means but just wait till you meet him. He walks into the life of an insecure little cake maker who doesn't understand her good fortune in attracting a guy like him. Brown hair, gray eyed, body to die for. Jeans, worn T-shirts and motorcycle. Our Tessa has glasses. Dresses prim and proper and cannot believe her good fortune. She is coming out of an abusive marriage. He gives her a false name and doesn't tell her he is a DEA agent. So lets just say they don't start off on the best of feet. While we ride along with Brock and Tessa on there bumpy road to love, can she forgive him when she finds out what he is up to? Will his Ex wife come between them? Ooops..another secret..oops 2 kids??? come between them. " Maybe ME:)" Not holding my breath. All kidding aside. Tessa winds up having to fight for their happiness in many ways. Its a great story. Watch Tessa grow to know she deserves what she has. Both Brock and Tess plus various family and friends all have their issues to solve in this well rounded story. I will be reading the whole Dream Man Series. Thanks for the chance to win the book Kristin. :)