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Behind The Plaid

Behind The Plaid - Eliza Knight This is the first of a three book trilogy. Emma Gordon is in a very abusive marriage and not only does she have to deal with the husband but his mother too. She has been dragged down as far as a woman can go. While on vacation in Scotland the owner of the Inn helps her escape her terrible life. In the cab leaving she feels this overwhelming urge to stop and see the 16th century Castle Gealach, she had seen once before. A big storm hits, lightening strikes and our Emma finds herself landing in 16th century Scotland with whole set of other problems. Starting with a bloody battle. The Laird in charge in big, sexy, fearsome and wants Emma. Emma wants modern conveniences. She has to find a story for where she came from. This a story of sexual learning for Emma, learning to love for the Laird "Logan" because our Laird has some secrets too. A time of treachery, deceit. Who can you trust? Emma knows she doesn't belong in this time. Logan doesn't want to let her go. The King is in charge of it all. I can,t wait for Book#2
Nice job Eliza:)