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MacRieve - Kresley Cole I really liked this book but I have to tell you it made sad through a lot of it. It was a perfect example of being judged for being what you are not who you are.

MacRieve is caught in a deadly net when he is young which causes the death of his mother and causes his father to lose his mate. He grows up a broken man blaming himself for the loss of his family. People try to make him understand he was young and taken in by a creature that survives on the life force of others but he still blames himself. He will not let himself ever forget. Finally he meets some one that changes his life. MacRieve finally has a chance for happiness.

Kresley Cole in her usual way brings you into her paranormal series of immortals, giving each dark dangerous qualities and human qualities. A man not easy to forgive others. It takes almost losing everything you have because you paint some one with the same brush... to realize that you should hold onto what you are given. I want to say more but I don't like giving spoilers. If you have been following this series you really need to read this one too. It's well worth it.