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Wanted - J. Kenner I loved this book. A well rounded story about not so perfect people handling life in a not so perfect way. Angie loses her older sister Grace by a brutal murder. She blames herself. Grace is the good sister and is the pride of the family. Angie is the wild child. Angie decided she has to be like Grace to make up for her guilt. Her father who is running for Vice-President and her Mom decide to send her to live with her Uncle Jahn whos love in life is Art. Angie meets Evan, Cole and Tyler, Art students working for her Uncle when shes 16 and falls for Evan. He makes it clear right away he is not interested. As the yrs go by Angie's Uncle tells her he warned the boys away from her because they are "bad bets".

This story really begins at Uncle Jahns funeral years later. Our Angie is fully grown and our 3 hunky Alpha's are millionaires now and still single. Tyler and Cole treat Angie like brothers but Evan still treats Angie like she is just barely there. After this night , however things will start to change because not everything is as it seems. We have erotica, angst, art theft, lust, love, secrets and more. Angie has to learn how to handle her guilt. Evan has to make Angie understand he is a "bad bet". Evan is Alpha to the max. Handsome, rich and my way or the highway kind of guy! I have tried to avoid a lot because of spoilers but you will love this book. Then we have the story of Cole and Tyler coming. I can't wait.