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Silence of the Wolf

Silence of the Wolf - Terry Spear I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from Net Galley for an honest opinion. I didn't know what I started reading I was once again entering the Town of Silver. The home of the super sexy alpha brothers Darien, Jake and Tom. I always enjoy when a book takes me back for a visit with old friends to catch up with their lives while bringing a new in exciting story. This is Tom's story. I have to say before we get onto Tom I loved starting the book seeing our sexy Darien the Head alpha feeding his triplets and wearing their oatmeal.

Tom is investigating wolves that are killing livestock and wants to find the answer before the human farmers start killing the were's in his pack. Another problem arises however. Darien asks him to escort a magazine writer, Elizabeth Wildwood, that came into town to do a story around to make sure she stays out of trouble and keep the males away from her. Tom isn't happy about it. It turns out she is a wolf/coyote mix and some one wants her dead. Elizabeth is used to discrimination and is surprised that in Silver Town the Gray wolves accept her and try to protect her and find who is behind who is trying to harm her. She is really in town to meet her cousin North to get proof that her Uncle murdered her parents. She has been hiding from her family for years because her mixed birth is a embarrassment to her Uncle Quinton and brother Sefton.

Excellent book..I give it 10 Paws and a big smile. I hope we go back to Silver Town again. Maybe for Christmas?

Its a great book with lots of twists and turns..