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Last Breath

Last Breath - Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick I received an Arc for and honest review and was thrilled to get it. I don't know if you guys have read the first book " Last Hit" ( Hitman #1) but it was great. Book #2 picks up where that one leaves off. I was really looking forward to reading it and was not disappointed.

The man that helped Nikolai get Daisy back from the Russians decides to go back and find Daisy's friend Regan who was kidnapped at the same time as her and has been sold into the sex slave market in Russia. The man that has her is one of the most dangerous men and sick men in the sex slave market. This book is grittier then the first. Regan goes through a lot before Daniel finds her. He has other reasons for doing what he does too. He is a hard man. Trained as an assassin in the military and now a mercenery he has seen it all. He has to find Regan, accomplish his other goal and get out before they get killed. It is a fast paced story with a lot of action. Hot alpha male and two broken people falling in love. I want to say more because it was so good but I don't want to drop spoilers and ruin it. Do yourself a favor and read them both. Especially if you like your alpha's badass.