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Game Changer

Game Changer - Paula Marinaro I hadn't realized I didn't do a review here in Goodread when I did my Amazon. I absolutely loved this book. We have been discussing it in chat group and it brings out many emotions in people to the extreme. Extremely negative or extremely positive. Well to me that's what makes a great book. Love, hate, anger, frustration are all the things that make real life.

The story is about two men Jack and Prosper who travel around the country and meet a native woman. They both fall deeply in love with her. Maggie picks Jack and they have two daughters. Raine and Claire. They remain best friends but Prosper eventually leaves and forms his own MC " Hell's Saint's".
When Maggie dies Jack turns to alcohol and Prosper comes back finds the girls being neglected and little Raine taking care of her sister. Prosper always promised Maggie he would make sure that Jack and his daughters would be together so he kept that promise. Later in life after the girls are on their own and trouble follows them ..there is one person to turn too, Prosper. Heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Some people say they don't like it because of to much telling and and enough monologue. I will stand by the fact that this book is well worth it no matter how it was written. The story isn't flowers and fairy tales. It's hard life and some one who loves you sticking by you. Having someone to turn to when there is no where else to go. People in this book that you love, hate, want to punch, hug, kill and even spit on. It's on my favorite book list. I have never seen anyone have an in between opinion on this book. Read it all the way and see what you think. I guarantee it will get and emotion out of you.

"Hey Prosper"?
"Yeah Raine"
"You got this"?
"Yeah darlin, I got this"