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For Your Sake

For Your Sake - Elayne DiSano My fellow bloggers and I have been discussing Ben to death. I want to get it right when I tell you about our "hero".

I really liked this book Eva Sinclair the heroine is a good girl with a stable life. She owns her own home and business " selling party supplies. Her mother ran off when she was young and her dad died of a heart attack no long ago. She has one best friend. She recently broke up with her boyfriend. That's Eva's life, pretty cut and dry.

Into her life comes Ben Lawson. His life is not "cut and dry" Where do I start with Ben? He is the enforcer "assassin" for his MC the Mountains Skulls. Anyone who commits one of the the Clubs three sins has a meeting with Ben and it's the last one they ever have. Bens big and he's scary. Alpha, gorgeous,possessive,jealous. Once he spots Eva he can't get her out of his mind.
The First Meeting:
I don't want to give you a spoiler so I just say one night after he had to deal with a really ugly piece of business he had a run with Eva on a deserted road. He scared her. Having had a fender bender he decides to get her car fixed and after living in the town with this club all her life and never seeing this club now she keeps see them more and more.

When Ben decides he wants Eva all bets are off because Ben doesn't take no easily. He also doesn't take betrayal easily. There are some interesting twists and turns to this story. Just remember this about Ben...If the club says take care of it..he "will" take care of it.There is a HEA. But like I keep telling everyone lmao.....I would still kind of make sure I stayed on Ben's good side. Scary Dude!!!!