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Highland Angel

Highland Angel - Hannah Howell Another great Murray Series book. Ms. Howell finally gives us Payton's story.

Payton is one of the most handsome men in Scotland and he loves the ladies. All the ladies. He doesn't take the innocent or what is not offered. He is an honorable man and defender of what's right. Knowing that Lady Krisie MacLye goes to him when she needs him to help her save small children from her vile husband molester and abuser of children.

The problem is that Kristie's husband knows she has to much information on him and tries to drown her. Thinking she is dead, she escapes and finds Sir Payton trying to climb into his latest conquests window.

Kristie knows Payton's reputation with the ladies but knows he's and honorable man. Soaked to the bone approaching Payton with Lady Fraser his married but lastest lover encouraging him to climb up with honeyed words he tries to shut her up. It's pretty funny sometimes. Payton tells her " Can't you see I'm busy here?" she says " Oh sure go right ahead I'll wait here soaking wet and get the ague" Well he does help her and it's a great story

Payton is captivated by Kristie but believes she has to keep her vows even if he is a monster but Payton has other ideas. Murray series books are always winners