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Layers - Sigal Ehrlich I received an ARC for an honest review.

When I received this the other day I realized I had already read it but had loved it the first time. I'm ashamed to say I forgot to do a review then. I read so much I sometimes fall behind. That being said.....

Haley is a young woman that doesn't believe in love and has let herself get carried away with a lot of meaningless one night stands. She decides that its time to get her life together and start paying attention to her career. Although she has a job she is waiting to hear about her dream job at a magazine call "You".

Then we have Daniel Stark, young CEO billionaire. A blond haired, Adonis green eyed, arrogant and always has the upper hand whom Haley mistakes for some one else when she goes with her best friend and room mate on her job interview at his company.

Not knowing this jean clad Adonis in the coffee room is the CEO she proceeds to say some insulting things about the way he runs his company. As a joke she has filled out an application.
This is a love story with its ups and downs and some hot sex. Daniel has his dark side but its not in the bedroom like a lot of these books. I found this book refreshing. The title says it all. Two people stripping each others layers away finding their way to love.