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The Elusive Wife

The Elusive Wife - Callie Hutton A " SPOILERS"

The only redeeming quality about the hero in this book is the last couple of pages. Jason, The Earl of Coventry is upset because his father is forcing him to marry. I can understand being upset by this but I think our hero " cough cough" carries his upset to the extreme. I developed an intense dislike for him through the book and the author expected to redeem him in the last few pages but it was to little to late for me.....

Jason the night before his wedding to a young lady he has never met gets drunk as a skunk and screws the innkeeper barmaid all night and heads off to marry the young lady still so drunk and unbathed from his fun and games he can hardly stand up.

This young woman who who has no family or friends then has to watch her groom stagger off and sit at her wedding breakfast humiliated without him. If things got better I could still have hope.

Upon waking the next morning in his own bed hung over, still dressed and realizing he can't even remember what his bride looks like he orders his carriage and takes back off for London without even leaving a note. When arriving in London he feels a pang of guilt for like 1.2 seconds and even his best friend calls him a real bastard and for weeks continues to all the balls and parties and not tell a soul he is married.

The poor deserted, humiliated wife finally writes to an old friend to stay and goes to London to talk her husband. When she finally sees him at a ball and he approached her at a ball he does it to flirt with her, he doesn't recognize his own wife. The poor girl is so humiliated once again she gives him her maiden name.

Mr. Wonderful decides after seeing her a few times that he desires her so much he writes his neglected ill used wife for and annulment.

He lets us know he likes her by explaining she isn't beautiful but she is..blah blah blah and when he is around her " His pants swell' or something like that. He must have talked about his swelling manhood at least a dozen times. I felt like yelling " we know we know...move on". Those are the special words that show us his regard during this great regency romance other reviews have written. When he finds out its her he is mad at her..huh? Then he doesn't want the annulment...ah no shit...Then just toward then end he questions himself on whether he will tire of her and be faithful or not....then waalaa the last couple pages insta love and a promise of faithfulness. I believe that Lord Coventry is Mr. HEA for right now. He has shown nothing but selfishness and unfeeling attitudes through most all of the book. My kindle's life was at stake through most of this book.