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Breathe Into Me

Breathe Into Me - Sara Fawkes I was given an ARC for an honest review.

I don't understand some of the other reviews. I found this book to be well written. It also dealt with a lot of the problems we deal with in today's world.
Lacey is being brought up in a world of alcohol and abuse and to make matters worse she has a bad experience in her life that know one will believe. A young woman that has lost trust. She does her best to help take care of her younger brother in an intolerable living situation with an abusive grandmother and boyfriend and a drunk mother. Lacey is finally trying to bring her life around.

Everett a boy with secrets of his own enters her life. Lacey has to learn to trust but can she? Everett is good, handsome and everything a guy should be but????
A couple of really nasty characters need to be dealt with and two people that feel undeserved to be loved learn they have that right too! I love this story. The friends and side kicks are great and I hope there are future books for them. Really good story of redemption and love.