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Crazy Good

Crazy Good - Rachel  Robinson hmmmm, there was more about this book that got on my nerves then I liked. At first I thought the beginning was leading us somewhere but.. all it did was give us a lot of book filler that was useless to the book as a whole.

Then we meet our hero. Alpha hotness, Navy Seal, playboy to die for Thomas Hart... Maverick to his friends. A tag em and bag em heartless kind of guy. No relationships. Not for him or his Team except his buddy Stone who is marries to Windsor who Mav decides is his next tag and bag. Well she says no. He sees a challenge and from then on he turns into a cry baby to his Navy Seal buddies. Then when he finally gets her for his girlfriend he won't have actual penetration sex with her. Through most of the 3/4 of the middle of the book it's Mavericks thoughts of "if I go inside her there is no going back she will own me". HUH?? She already owns your ass buddy. Crazy Good? He's just plain crazy.

And the thing that really irritates me most... are your ready?? MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!
When he and his Team get deployed for 6 months, her and him are facebooking and emailing. By the way did I tell ya this guy is jealous?? He sees an innocent picture of her standing next to her ex in a pic..just standing there mind you. He goes off the deep end so bad he gets his best friend killed in the field then comes home and calls her a killer. The only thing about this book I liked was the end.

It dragged over stupid things. It made a big deal out of his past then gave you little to no information on it. What I took from this book was that he was the type that over reacted about everything and made every else pay. All his life he did this. His parents..if you don't like what I do I'll cut you out of my life. Ooops I was an ass and killed my friend because I was stupid so I'll blame some one else. My girlgriend didn't say I love you fast enough so I think I will become a losr and tell her to blow me when she does. Hero..I think not