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Dominic (Slater Brothers)

Dominic (Slater Brothers) - L.A. Casey I wasn't sure when I started but as I kept reading I decided I loved this book. We not only get to meet the sexy Slater brothers but we get to meet Bronaugh. Bronaugh is a high school student in Ireland. Dominic and his brothers have come from America and he has just started in her school. Our heroine is like no other you have ever met. She doesn't like being around people and has a bad temper. The minute Dominic enters class they clash.

You'll love this couple because even on a good day she thinks nothing of bouncing a shoe off his head. Dominic is s possessive alpha male like his brothers and decides Bronaugh is for him and he loves everything about her. There is a very good story behind the name calling, the swearing the getting trouble in school and the sex.....oh yeah the sex....yes they even discuss the sex..embarrassing much....hmmm

This is not a YA book. It's fun, frustrating, serious and makes you want more of the Slater Brothers!!!!!!!