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Inner Core

Inner Core - Sigal Ehrlich I really like this 2 book series. Book #2


is hard to judge because he really has never had any kind of serious relationship to guide him through the rough waters ahead of him. He has made a terrible mistake. He has accused Haley of betraying him and treated her in a terrible way. Cutting her out of his life like she never existed. Refusing to hear her explain what happened. He has been betrayed before. After weeks of his revenge and anger against her he realizes he was wrong and Haley won't take him back. No matter what he does. He's lost. Daniel will do anything to get his only love back


heart is broken. She knew she shouldn't open up. She swore she never would. Finally in love and cast aside she's lost and broken. Her friends are worried. Then bad news comes her way and she only has herself. How nice it would be to have Daniel now. She has to stop thinking like that it's over. She'll never trust again.

When Daniel and Haley meet again it's not a certain thing they will ever be able to get back what they had. An issue of trust is a big thing. Daniel also has a secret he has to share with Hayley before they can ever hope to ever start fresh.