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Duke of Deception

Duke of Deception - Stephie Smith If you know the saying "Hoisted by your on petard" lol. That sums it up.

Lady Lucy Barrick's family estate is all that's important to her. The only thing lost when her father died was the title. Until legal age her uncle is her guardian. He isn't going to let that happen. He decides she is to marry a not so upstanding Lord to get possession of her estate. The uncle is no good and owes gambling debts all over London. Our Lucy decides she won't take this lying down.

Lucy decides to use a devilish privateer to ruin herself so she can be left alone until she can inherit her property. Unknown to her the privateer is Derek the Duke Dorrington. Spying for the crown to find out who is involved in Ton based smuggling.

Lucy's dream of being ruined and being left alone is up in flames but still she thinks her new husband the privateer is going to go back to America when he is done because still Lucy doesn't know he is a Duke.

This story has humor and sexy alpha male, bad guys and an HEA. Good regency.