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The Last Boyfriend

The Last Boyfriend - J.S. Cooper I really loved Lucky and Zane. I will say they gave me whiplash with the I don't do relationships to deciding to trying to do a relationship in 0.1 seconds. I shouldn't be surprised as I have seen it before in many books but I did here. The reason is Lucky had her rules too. They hardly knew each other except for "Would you like fries with that?" I can live with that though because I do like the book.

Again we already know there will be a HEA but.... along the way will our hero break Lucky's heart. I question his honesty at this point. He only showed any real interest in Lucky when Braydon, the guy he thinks was responsible for his brothers death showed interest. The three months coming into the restaurant has shown he uses women any way he can to help his cause in getting to Braydon.

This all being said makes me really want to dig into the next book to see what Zane and Lucky are up too. I have a feeling Braydon will not be ignored lightly.