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The Magic of Highland Dragons

The Magic of Highland Dragons - Kella McKinnon I really enjoyed this book. I was surprised considering mixed reviews on Amazon. One review, a rant so bad I could hardly understand what the reviewer was talking about. I have to say it is what made me read the book.

I am not usually into magic in stories but this was well done. It's a love story about a clan Chief in 1526. He is Bren Mac Connach a fierce and dangerous man with the firm belief that he cannot ever marry unless he meets his true mate. He comes from a long line of strong of fierce warriors of magic who believe in good while having to fight the evil of Mored the evil in old age Scotland. His healer soccerer Dirc goes behind his back to try to summom his true mate because Bren has given up hope of finding her and is showing the effects. It will also take Bren longer then Dirc thinks for Bren to believe anyone is his true mate because he has lost hope. Little does he know that Faith McAlpin in the 21st century has just found a magic ring and will be heading his way.

There is one scene that I question. It was a part of the story and explained that way. Our hero was as uncomfortable with it as we were reading it. Some reviewers cry rape, rape... but I don't happen to see it like that when you take in what happened before and her thoughts and what was at stake at the time. You be the judge.

I find this to be a great love story. I can't wait to read about Bren's brother.