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Renegade Lady

Renegade Lady - Dawn Martens, Emily Minton I read the books back to back so I'm going to try not to mix the reviews to go with my very mixed feelings about these books ..

Jenna's mother dies at 16 and she goes to her father who is a member of a MC club. When she arrives she is held against her will and her father gives her to the the President son , "Timmons" as his Ol'Lady after she has already been raped and beat by him. A member of the head Renegade MC group " Chipper" from another area comes to check on this charter because of things going on there finds Jenna being raped by two men and sees the condition she's in and her young age . He kills one, beats the other and takes Jenna back, and makes her part of his and his Ol'Lady's family.

Things in this book get a little iffy for me in this story because most clubs don't keep secrets from each other. Brothers are suppose to trust each other. I can see Jenna keeping secrets out of fear but the club President not letting Chipper tell the whole story at the meeting about finding Jenna being raped that it was "two men and one was the Presidents son" because both Presidents were friends who started the club. Chipper is the VP but still. One of the MC's strictest rules is "No Touching and or raping women especially Under 18" This bad charter is on drugs, raping, beating and kidnapping minors etc and seems like except in a vague way is never dealt with in the book.. It is really never addressed except in a vague way.

Now we have Kidd who falls for Jenna before she's 18 but does follow the rules. Of course he doesn't realize his feelings fully because shes young and he tries to avoid them. Jenna has been crazy about him at first site. When informed of her feelings and realizing his own she is still not 18 but thinks it's ok to move another woman into his room at the club and throw other women in her face until she's 18 and that will be okdie dokie with her. On her 18th he shows up and claims her, gets a phone call about the girl he used and dumped and takes off. She finds out the girl was in an accident an dies so she goes to find and comfort him and he blames her. Each encounter ends up with him being a jerk so finally Jenna is done.

Now for " 6 YEARS" Yes that's what I said.

She has to make a decision to be an Ol'lady or whore or leave the club " this is how you treat family?" Although they try to make whoring easy on her..nice guys. Anyway by the time Jenna is now known as Ice. She's hard and dangerous. Runs the whores for the club.

You have to read the story for the details in between the things I'm throwing your way. Kidd has been President for most of these 6 years. He has also been madly in love with Jenna/Ice.

Club President/ Strong ..dangerous..killer/watching the women he loves turn into club whore and screwing all his brothers for 6 years/ sorry that part strains my belief system.

I did enjoy the book. I love MC's I am not a fan of cheating so this one isn't one of my favorites but I'm not going to low rate it for that. I loved the side characters. Reese, Timbor, Chipper, Daisy and especially Mindy.