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Rhett - J.S. Cooper I did like this book. We have a handsome alpha male used to getting what he wants. He is about to learn that he just might find out what he wants has been under his nose the whole time when he might lose it.

My name is Rhett and I'm a good ol' boy and my best friend is Clementine O'Hara. She's always been there for me since we were 7yrs old. We were in class and she was eating candy. I wanted some so I paste her a note.

You want to be my best friend? Yes or No ? She wrote back maybe.
That's when it all started.

I had to copy the author a little to give you a goo idea of the type of book we are talking about. This is the story of Clementine tired of waiting for Rhett to see her as something other then his friend and moving on. Rhett shock at realizing he doesn't want her to move on anywhere. Good read