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Fate Book

Fate Book - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff One of the best books I've read in awhile. I almost passed this book by and am so glad I didn't.

Dakota has insecurities. About to graduate high school she has been singled out and bullied and by her nemesis Janice, the head cheerleader through her whole HS experience. Coming back from spring back to finish the senior year with a new confidence and making and effort to look better and be more secure Janice can't wait to lay into her again.
Our heroine finally is pushed to her limits and says and does something she regrets. She lies and makes up a fantasy boyfriend from spring break. Picks out a picture of a handsome, dangerous, virile young man from the internet. She makes up a name. Santiago. She places him on her Facebook. This sends Janice into a frenzy of twittering, bullying and doing what she can to make her look like a liar. Not wanting to go back to school knowing she lied, her mom makes her telling school is almost over and she will be going to college.

The next day she goes to school and and gets out of her car, waving as she walks toward her best friend she stops in shock. She sees what her eyes can't be seeing because standing right because Mandy is Santiago??...her facebook boyfriend. Just before she gets hit by a car.

When she finally sees him when she wakes she asks him "Who are you?" He leans close to her ear looking angry and says " I'm your boyfriend don't you remember? You put it in your Facebook"

Great Book. Twist and turns to keep you glued to the story to the end. Do your self a favor.